Staying home is a good moment to read, disconnect and to reorganize things that we normally “don’t have time to do”. The Conde Nast editorials and Hearst Magazines are offering their issues for free download on their websites. It’s a good moment to be inspired, to soak up the new trends and prepare a list of those items that you need this season and can come and find in Pollyanna once all goes back to normal.

Today, we are presenting this season colour palette!

Blue: the fashion experts assure that this is the season for blue! From the most intense indigo blue to the softest turquoise. This summer blues are landing in our wardrobes in the shape of masculine blazers and long dresses!

Beige: The most natural palette colour for the time of year where we least use make up. Handcrafted fabrics that accomplish the effect of a second skin. Key tones: nude and ivory.

Black and White: Ying and Yang, the pair that never fails! Pure white or total black? Which is your favourite option?

Neon: Last year we already went through a few touches of fluo in the SS season, but this year it’s stepping in strongly! Fluorescent colours are landing in our wardrobe: lemon yellow, apple green and fuchsia pink! The option that we most like is: to wear only one piece of fluo o be bold with a total look!

Violet: From the most romantic colour like lavender or lilac, to more extreme tones such as bright purple. The violet family has conquered us all!